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Payments Accepted as of July 26th, 2017.

Hello Everyone,

Below are the payments that we accept. Please keep in mind that payment instructions must be followed in detail to make processing your order as fast as possible.

Cash / Money Order by Mail: Send Cash or Money Order in the order amount. This form of Payment is somewhat risky unless it’s sent by USPS Certified, Priority, or Express Mail with signature required.

Bitcoin (BTC): Send your Bitcoin payment in the amount of your order to the Address listed on the checkout page and order confirmation email. You will be required to fill out a Payment Confirmation Form once payment is made to quickly match your order with your payment.

Wire Transfer / Bank Deposit: You can send a wire transfer from your bank to ours. This may take two days to clear. You can also just visit a local Wells Fargo Branch and deposit your payment directly into our account. This method is instant.

eGift Card Codes: We also accept eGift card codes from select online and offline retailers as payment. Contact us for the approved list as well as instructions.