Q: Why is my order UNPAID?
A: All orders are put on a temporary hold until payment is received. For bitcoin, cash, money orders, and wire transfers, we have to manually mark your payment received. We regularly check for incoming payments during business hours. If you paid over the weekend, your payment will likely be marked received on Monday.

Q: I made an order and now I see that you are out of stock of the product I ordered.
A: Every time you make an order, the products you ordered are set aside and the stock quantity is reduced. No worries.

Q: I paid for my order and it hasn’t shipped yet. What’s going on?
A: If your order is paid for and was not shipped on the expected date, we likely didn’t see it so please contact us. We may need assistance locating and/or verifying your payment.


Q: I lost the information I need to make payment. Where can I find it?
A: You should have received an email with all the payment information. If you cannot find it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. It may have been delivered there.

Q: I changed my mind on the payment. I would like to pay another way.
A: Please place a new order. Then please contact us through the contact form and we can cancel the existing order and assist with the new payment method, if need be.


Q: Where do you ship from?
A: We ship from Central Alaska.

Q: What is the “From:” name on the package?
A: The packages are labeled from “Shipping” and has our PO Box address.

Q: What carrier do you use to ship products?
A: We ship with USPS using their Priority and Express options.

Q: How fast do you get products shipped after order and payment is made?
A: Once we receive both the order and the payment, we typically ship the same business day, or the next business day if received after 1:00pm PST. On rare occasions, it may take an extra day to get your order shipped.

Q: How fast do I get my products after they ship?
A: While we cannot guarantee and are not responsible for the performance of USPS, it typically takes 1-3 days with Express Mail and 2-5 days with Priority Mail to receive your products.


Q: When will I get my tracking number?
A: Our shipping system will automatically send you your tracking number within 24 hours of shipment (though it’s usually much sooner). To get your tracking number earlier, we recommend that you log in and check your account. The tracking number is available around 4pm PST.

Q: Why is my tracking number giving me odd information? This includes no information at all, that your package is stuck in one location, or that it’s delivered but you haven’t received it.
A: USPS tracking does weird things all the time and we have no idea why. Please contact your local USPS post office. The USPS system sometimes takes a few hours to add new tracking numbers online, so we recommend waiting a few hours if your tracking number says it is not available.